Friday, 23 October 2015

Do You Have A Broken Garage Door Spring in Red Deer?

A broken garage door spring can cause more than just an inconvenience, it can be danger to you and your family. Our Garage Door Repair Red Deer professionals give few signs that indicate a broken spring:

Suddenly Closing Garage Door

Did your garage door close suddenly? If so, you may be having a faulty spring. What this means is that now it is unsafe to keep your garage door open. Entering and exiting through the door is now unsafe too. You do not want a bulky door to slam down on you.

This is why it is important to have your broken garage door springs replaced as soon as possible. Ensure your safety and the safety of your family by taking care of this issue in a timely manner. Do you want a heavy garage door slam on your body? Of course, not. Even if you are inside your car, the damage could be significant.

Which Spring Do You Have?

Find out the type of springs installed in your garage door. Does your garage door have two springs on each side? If yes, you have extension springs. It is very likely for extension springs to have safety cables. And while it is good to have safety cables, if they are broken, they are as good as nothing. Replacing an extension spring might sound as an easy task. Truth be told, extension spring replacement is a difficult and often hazardous job. Hire a garage door repair Red Deer expert. A professional knows how to replace and install extension springs safely and efficiently.

Is it a Torsion Spring?

If you do not see any springs on the side of your garage door, look up. Do you see a spring centered directly above your door? If yes, it is a torsion spring. Most residential garage doors have torsion springs. Be cautious with such type of broken spring. A torsion spring is under extreme tension so that it can counterbalance the weight of your overhead door. If these coils become loose or break, you will have potentially severe problems with your garage door. One indication that the spring is broken is that door will be unable to stay open.

This is a sign that you need to contact a garage door repair Red Deer professional have the springs replaced immediately.

Stay on the Safer Side and Hire a Professional

If you want to stay safe, hire a garage door technician. Replacing a broken garage door is not a DIY job. Doing so can be extremely dangerous. If you do not know what exactly you are doing, it can potentially be life threatening.

There are many garage doors companies that will be more than happy to replace your garage door springs. One such company trusted by homeowners in Red Deer is – Gulliver Garage Doors Ltd. Do yourself a favor. Contact our garage door repair experts and save yourself the hassle and possible injury by replacing the broken springs yourself. We also offer garage door opener installation services.